#ToolReview – How to Create Animated Explainer Videos for $90

If you have ever tried to get an explainer video made for your site then you will probably know that they cost the earth! Around a £1,500 a minute. WOW!

They do however boost your conversion rate on your website around 300%, moreover they help improve your SEO and heck they are just awesome!

So how do we go from a few thousand dollars to just $90?!

Well as always as a small business owner there are ways round it if you are willing to put in a bit of extra work…

We recently came across this online tool: www.powtoon.com that could revolution animated video!

Basically, choose a template and make the magic happen yourself. Record a voice over, add in any graphics you need, add in any effects wording etc and get going. You can even add in a screen recording using ‘screenflow’.

Note: you don’t need to be a technical whizz to do any of this!

The pricing plans are monthly or annually, but there is a link on the pricing page which says ‘Pay per export’ and it’s there where you can buy 5 videos for just $90. Sweet!

ACTION: Now go forth and get some videos made and send them in, we want to see them!