#ToolReview – Manage Flitter

In our #ToolReview series, we talk about some 3rd party tools you could be using in your marketing.

Name: Manage Flitter

What it does: Manage Flitter is a tool mainly for Twitter (although you can connect with other platforms) that we think is great. What we love is that it lets you find people on mass for you to follow, but specific people based on who you want to find. For example you may find a list of people who are interested in a certain topic, or follow a specific account and you can then follow them pretty easily.

You can also unfollow people who don’t follow you back, inactive accounts, or people that don’t speak English, which will help your followers:following ratio.

There are some other cools tools in there like Power Post (posting when most people are online), as well as some analytics tools.

The suggested posts tool is great for providing great quality content without you having to spend hours on end researching, phew! Moreover we have tested this and each post consistently gets more engagement than our own tweets!

You can also set up recurring posts for all your promotional posts, read more on that here.

Why this is good: It basically is saving you copious amounts of time following/unfollowing and researching, while helping you to boost your audience dramatically, whilst getting you higher engagement with suggested posts. Wow.

Price: The free version has limited functionality, but the next step up is only $12/month, and unlocks the majority of great functions mentioned. The next step up is $49/month but this will probably be unnecessary till you get bigger.

Where can you find out more information: Check out www.manageflitter.com

Anything else: Twitter has strict rules on mass following, so be careful how many you follow/unfollow at once, it will warn you if you are getting too close. Also make sure the people you are following are well targeted, and you aren’t trying to get a lot of people following you for vanity reasons, as this will be counter productive.