#ToolReview – Zoho Mail – Christmas Present

In our #ToolReview series, we talk about some 3rd party tools you could be using in your marketing.

Since it is Christmas Day – here is a gift from us – an introduction to a FREE fantastic email client. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Name: Zoho Mail

What it does: Zoho Mail basically will run your entire email account for free. All you need is a domain name, and then you can link this to your Zoho Mail account, and enjoy free email for up to 10 accounts (as of 2014). It gives you an online mailbox very similar to Gmail or Outlook.com, or if you would prefer you can link this to a desktop email software via IMAP.

Why this is good: Simply put – it saves money. You may be paying around £5/month per email account when you don’t have to, you could then invest this money back into marketing! It is a perfect solution for micro businesses or start-ups.

Price: Completely free for up to 10 accounts. If you need more you can upgrade, but we would recommend comparing prices then.

Where can you find out more information: Check out www.zoho.com/mail

Anything else: Zoho has lots of other tools you can access. Some free, some paid for, but if you do go for the mailbox, we would recommend checking the others out!

ps. Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful day!