Traditional Advertising CPR

Here’s a picture of a billboard we saw recently, that inspired us to write this.

It was just a standard billboard with a slight modification. A 3D cutout of a car coming out of it, with neon lights surrounding it. When we parked up we couldn’t help but notice it, and it got us thinking, what a great way of taking a traditional form of advertising (a billboard advert) and adapting it to make you take notice. We call this Traditional Advertising CPR – because you are breathing life into a dying form of marketing.

One main issue with traditional advertising is that we have seen so much of it, so it all just blends into one big marketing background noise that we learn to ignore. However making STAND OUT adaptations to your traditional advertising methods can take you out of the background noise and into centre stage.

We can apply this to atomic businesses easily.


1. Make a list of all the traditional forms of marketing you do? E.g. Magazine Adverts, Referral Schemes, Flyers, Posters, Leaflet Drops, etc.

2. Now make a list of what the disadvantages of these types of marketing are. E.g. Your leaflet will more than likely end up on a pile of junk mail

3. Now look at your disadvantages and think of ways to directly combat them, to make your marketing STAND OUT and be more effective. E.g. Instead of a Leaflet send something that the recipient is going to notice – something bulky? Something a peculiar shape? Something Funny, that the recipient may want to share? An offer they can’t refuse? The list goes on…

Sometimes looking at the disadvantages and working on how to improve them is a more effective way of coming up with creative marketing methods, so give it a try and see what you come up with!

One last point too – keep in mind that doing things in a STAND OUT kind of way can increase the costs a little but remember it is also going to increase your returns. However, depending on how creative you are, you may be able to think of a STAND OUT idea on a budget. Sometimes the most creative idea is also the simplest.