Trick or Treat Marketing Q&A (Warning: Very Wet ⚠️)

Get ready for some Halloween antics in the form of our Q & A Apple Bobbing game! 🎃

We asked people to send us some ‘Tweet treats’ questions on Twitter. We covered everything from YouTube marketing, to Twitter video, to lead magnets and reveal our scariest moment 👻

BUT… there were some trick questions set by our mortal enemies Dan and Lloyd.

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Content Mavericks

In our latest (and possibly most crazy yet 😆) we do a special Halloween Q & A! 🎃

In it we talk about everything from YouTube marketing, to Twitter video, to lead magnets and reveal our scariest moment 👻

A Halloween apple bobbing game determines which questions (pre-submitted by our lovely Twitter followers), we answer. BUT… as well as these treat questions there’s some trick questions sent by our mortal enemies, Dan and Lloyd!

We couldn’t decide who should go first so a good old ‘rock paper scissors-off’ led to Andrew being the first to dive in (glasses came off and everything 🤓)

Q1. What’s the single most important thing to get traction on YouTube AND which tool do you think is the MOST helpful in YouTube marketing?

These two related YouTube questions were from BlinkBack and Kelly Noble Mirabella.

For us the most important thing is making sure that our videos are being found in search. So even though we’re using both TubeBuddy and Morningfame, we probably lean more towards Morningfame as being our favourite YouTube tool. Just because it helps us work out whether we have a chance in Hell of ranking for what we want to rank for! And even if you don’t have a chance of ranking, you’ll still know that that video is in demand, so that’s something really cool.

Another tip would be, keywords EVERYWHERE! That makes sure you know which search terms are actually getting some hits.

Q2. What is your must-watch creepy movies to watch during Halloween?

This one was from Joseph Kindscare. Our joint movie, that we have to watch together, no matter what (because Andrew’s too scared 🙀) is Insidious!

Q3. How do you go about creating lead magnets in 2018?

This one was from Matt Brown at Membermouse.

Make sure your lead magnets are super valuable. People are wise now to these crappy check lists and rubbish lead magnets, so make sure they’re super valuable, and solve a specific problem.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean being super long either. Shorter is often the better lead magnet.

Q4. Would you punch each other in the face for a million pounds?

Here was a trick question from Dan and Lloyd. We didn’t have to think very long about this one… the answer was a resounding YES! 🥊

Q5. Who’d win in a fight between Meat Loaf, with one hand tied behind his back, and a cat, of his choice, as a weapon, or, your favourite uncle, with a water pistol, full of jam? Your uncle doesn’t have his hand tied behind his back BTW.

This one was from Mark Asquith, and he actually sent us a video.

Pete was unsure that jam would come out of a water pistol jam (too gloopy?) so he went for Meat Loaf, as did Andrew, although he felt that the cat could get involved too 😼

Q6. Who’s got bigger nipples?

Another trick question. After a quick check, turns out it’s Andrew.

Q7. Who makes a better cup of tea and why?

And another one! Andrew claims Pete’s never made a cup of tea in his life. In fact, neither of us drink tea… even though we’re British… so that’s odd.

Q8. How do you make Facebook Live / Q&A videos interesting for boring companies?

This one was from Alison Ellerbrook. So we accept that using apple bobbing as a technique for engagement maybe isn’t the best option for everyone’s business 😂 However,  we have a video all about Facebook Live tips, so definitely go check that out.

The key to a successful non-boring and non-bonkers Q & A, is to pre-promote it. Promote the Live, tell people that their question will be answered on the live stream.

Probably our biggest tip is to make sure the person who’s hosting that Live is good on camera. But also, dive right into the Q & A from the start and get to the value straight away. Don’t spend 10 minutes on fluff first or people will leave.

Substitute bonkers for value!

Q9. What is the best video program or app for Twitter video?

This next treat question came from Jason Stevens. We love Twitter’s inbuilt video app. A lot of people don’t know that you can actually shoot video from Twitter itself and it’s actually really good, because you can do little short bursts, little snippets, and then just edit it and move it.

Q10.Monsters or True Crime. Which is the scariest?

This next one is from Amanda Webb.

Definitely True Crime, horror movies, that aren’t monster-based, just people killing people for the sake of it is waaaay scarier.

Q11. If you had to swap hairstyles or voices with each other, which would it be?

Andrew knows just how long it takes Pete to do his hair in the morning and just doesn’t think he could be up with that, so… he chooses his voice.

Pete spends a lot of time listening to Andrew singing in the car, in the shower (hopefully Pete’s not in the shower at the same time 🤔), in the office, and just everywhere and chooses the voice!

Q12. What’s the scariest moment you’ve had since starting your business?

This one came from Ross Davies. We’ve actually got a really scary one coming up next year which we can’t tell you about yet! But we’re really brickin’ it about that 😬 Soooo, it would probably be our first time speaking at Social Media Marketing World. The first time we spoke there it just felt so ridiculously big!

Q13. If Julia Bramble wasn’t your fave female marketer (!!!) then who else would be at that coveted number 1 spot?

This one was from Julia Bramble herself! Oh my God there are so many amazing female marketers! How can we choose?! There’s Teresa Heath-Wareing, Janet Murray, Amy Porterfield, Kim Garst, Anne Handley. We love us some Anne Handley! And Jane Herman!

Pete played the game straight and picked Kim Garst ’cause she gave us a really big break, and talked to us, and she was so lovely. Andrew picked Teresa Heath-Murray-Porterfield-Handley 🙄


If you’ve enjoyed this and you wanna get more marketing un-boringed, then head on over here.

Also head on over to Dan and Lloyd’s channel today, because since we were victorious in Andrew and Pete versus Dan and Lloyd, their Halloween challenge is a little bit worse!