Turn your Content into a Lead Generating Machine by Having an End Goal

Is there a purpose to the content you write? Is it all wrote around one theme? Odds are, it is all centred around what you do and how you help people. This is great, but have you thought about what else you could do with all that juicy content you are creating?! Here’s an idea for you…

Let’s say you are an accountant, and you had been blogging for a year or so here and there on how to manage your accounts, and how to analyse them to show where you can save some money, and how to be more tax efficient for example.

You could then work towards bringing it all together and finishing it up into one extremely valuable definitive guide. So it could be, ‘The Definitive Guide to Entrepreneurial Financial Success – Everything you need to know about how to be financially stable, from launching your business and what you need to have in place, to how to be more tax efficient and save yourself money.’

How good does that sound?!

We would want that, in fact a lot of people would! So maybe it’s worth having an end goal to your content, a definitive guide, or even a book? Something as hefty as that is going to take a while and let’s face it having something as daunting as this is probably never going to happen unless you’re really motivated. Even then it might take a year to get it written properly, but if you’re already working towards it then it becomes much easier to produce once at the end.

Look back at any of your content now, if you’ve been blogging for a while you may already have half a book’s worth already! All you have to do is choose the best bits and round it up. Easy.

But what then? Well you need to package it up and get it out there. If it is going to be an ebook download (very popular), then people like visuals, so it would be a worthwhile investment to hire a designer to make it look the bomb and design a great front cover too. The idea here is to make it appear valuable and desirable. Enough so that people want it enough to give up some information about themselves i.e. ‘enter your email address here to download this ebook.’ Having something like this on your website gives you massive kudos. It makes you look like an expert, and it gives you a real lead generating source that will convert better than most other opt-ins. So it is well worth the effort.

ACTION: Look at any content you have already, does it all link to a certain theme or audience? It probably should to be effective! Make sure you know the purpose of your content by having an end goal (be it a ebook or an actual book).

ACTION: Give your future ebook/book a name. This will make it clear to yourself what all your future content should be in line with.

ACTION: Plan out the chapters so it makes sense and so all your future content fits in, so it can be finished.