Twitter Polls | If you need them and how to use them

We got a notification the other day…


Turns out that at some point (24 hours in fact) we voted on a Twitter poll:


We had completely forgotten about that! But it is cool to be reminded and find out the results!

Interestingly though, look at the stats… 54 votes. Who else get’s that kind of engagement on their Tweets? This guy doesn’t even have a huge following (2,636 at the same). Would you like a slice of that?!


Twitter Polls are a essentially a great way to get engagement. Why do you want engagement? Because more engagement leads to more trust and awareness and that leads to sales. There is a direct correlation.

We’re aren’t saying they are the best thing since sliced bread but every little helps in the noisy world of social media. The one annoying thing (as a marketer) is that you can’t see who has voted, it is all anonymous for user protection of course (a good thing).

Twitter Polls are just one of the new experimental initiatives from Twitter including… Moments, which lets users follow specific events through a curated collection of tweets (similar to Snapchat Stories), and removing the character limit on Direct Messages, giving Twitter a foot in the messaging wars. This might be to do with the new Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, but let’s hope for lot’s of cool new features!


Click here on the circular ‘Poll’ icon to start…


Then just write your question and give up to 4 ‘Choices’…


HOW TO USE TWITTER POLLS (what to actually ask!)

What kind of things should you ask? You also can’t schedule them in using social scheduling platforms so they have to be real time questions.

1. Use trending topics/hashtags. Jump on the social bandwagon for trends and ask some questions around what’s happening right now. You might also pick up some followers from this.

2. New product features

3. Feedback on support/features/content

4. Just for fun quizzes

5. “Do you prefer…”

6. Predictions

7. Event interaction

8. Polls for opinions for your press releases.

That’s about it!

How will you use them? Let us know in the comments…

ACTION: Test out your first Twitter Poll now, it’s quick and easy to do…