Website Optimisation (Why Your Website Generates No Leads)

Is your website feeding you with hot new leads every day??

If not, our latest video is going to help you a TON!

We’ve had a thousand iterations of a website and tested countless variations of conversion metrics and there’s always two things that people miss out on to have a highly converting website…

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How to Find the Right Keywords


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If you are getting no leads or sales from your website then it might be a website optimisation issue. In our latest video we help diagnose the problem and then fix it for you 💪

Your website is your hub online, it’s your space on the internet and it should be working for you!

A lot of people tell us their website just isn’t working for them and complain at their web designers. But guess what? It’s probably not your web designers fault – it’s probably yours 😳

Driving Quality Traffic to Your Site

Before we get to the crux of website optimisation and why your website isn’t performing we need to address an even bigger issue. Traffic!

And quality traffic at that, not just any old tyre kickers.

A website that converts 100% of zero traffic, is still zero 😬

So firstly, the most important way to get more people converting on your site is actually just to provide it with lots of quality traffic.

And this is why consistently creating quality content is key, because that’s what’s going to draw people to your site. 

Optimising for conversion

Once somebody has landed on a piece of content, you need to convert them, and this is the second piece of the puzzle – optimising for conversion.

How you do this actually requires going back a step 👈

In our video all about Keywords we talked about different types of keywords, which related to WHY someone may search and end up on your website.

We had:

  • ‘Buy Now’ Keywords – People looking to purchase an item, e.g. Discount code Bluehost
  • Product Research – People doing research to buy a new product, e.g. Best hosting companies
  • Informational – People who have a problem and are searching for a solution, e.g. How do I host a website?
  • Tyre Kickers – People looking for something for free, e.g. Free hosting companies

Each of these reasons why someone is on your site can be applied to other traffic sources too, such as social and email.

For example, have they clicked over from your Facebook page because you’ve told them they can buy something on the link, or you’ve told them you are going to give them some useful information.

Matching calls to action with intent

So… to increase conversions, we need to match the calls to action on each page or blog post to the type of intent they had when they clicked.

If they came to your website because they know they want your service, your sales pages needs to give them all the information they need to buy and make the process SUPER easy.

Don’t link to a generic contact page – have your number RIGHT there, or have a ‘get a free quote’ form right there. Make it stupidly easy to enquire.

But if they are coming to your website for information, you’re going to have more success converting them into a subscriber first, through some kind of lead magnet or content opt-in (e.g. ‘subscribe to our YouTube Channel’), rather than going for the sale.

In fact, we see this all the time. People will write a really helpful blog which suddenly turns into a massive sales pitch towards the end.

What’s that all about?! 😲

It doesn’t match their intent. They have come to the website looking for information and now all you’re trying to do is sell to them.

They’re not ready for this yet and all you’re doing is pushing them away.

Feel free to make sure people can navigate and click round your website so they can buy if they wish. But if they are not ready YET, trying to convert them into a subscriber means they are not lost forever.

Use opt-ins as part of your website optimisation strategy

A great way to convert visitors to your website into email subscribers is to create opt-ins which make sense to the piece of content they’ve just come to your website for.

For example, if they came to check out a blog on your website about how to create a perfect social media graphic, a nice lead magnet for that which follows on and makes sense could be a download of Canva templates that they can use.

We then use Email Marketing to nurture that contact and eventually lead them to a sale.

By doing this you have a much higher chance of converting people on your website into subscribers and building an audience of future potential sales.

Traffic X Conversion Rate = Sale

Remember guys Traffic X Conversion Rate = Sale

If you don’t have traffic, start with that. If you do, work on how to make your content convert better based on why they are consuming that content in the first place.

Is website optimisation a bit clearer now? What do you need to work on, getting more traffic or converting traffic? Let us know how you’re going to use the tips from this video to make your website work for you! 👊🏼