What can the honey monster teach us?

Honey Monster

So we were in Morrisons yesterday when this photo caught our eye in the cereal aisle

What an AWESOME example of stand out marketing thats so subtle but so clever. It’s just a pair of eyes on a box but it instantly differentiates itself from its competitors. Move over Tony the Tiger!

There are 2 lessons we can take from this clever piece of marketing and apply to our own atomic businesses.

Number 1: How exciting is your point of sale? If you have a physical product this can be easy to make more exciting, but even if you have a service led business, think about your sales process, and how to make it more engaging. How do you get peoples attention initially? Networking, Online Advertising, Telesales, Social Media? In all of these you have a great opportunity to do something different. Make the first instance somebody comes in contact with your brand unforgettable.

Number 2: What mundane activities, processes or marketing materials do you do or have in your business just like everybody else in your industry? (E.g. Packaging, Business Cards, Sending quotes, Newspaper Advertising, Initial Consultants, Emails, to name a few). Could you make these more exciting? Could you do something completely different, or do something in a way nobody has thought of before? When people see the mundane (the top of cereal boxes), transformed into something extra-ordinary (monster eyes), you instantly have their attention!

ACTION: Make a list of all the ways somebody can discover your business for the first time, now make sure these first impressions are engaging and memorable.

ACTION: Make a list of all the mundane activities you do in your business, then think of ways to make them more exciting.