What Can We Learn From East Coast Trains?

Remember your brand not only consists of what you you say you do, but what you ACTUALLY do.

East Coast Trains are a perfect example of how not to do this. Living in the North East of England we have seen a huge marketing push for East Coast Trains as of late. They are publicising on TV, on Billboards and even bought the whole carriage of a Metro recently, pushing their slogan “Feel at home on East Coast”, as apparently their service is full of home comforts.

We then however had the misfortune of riding on an East Coast Train. The service was appalling, the staff were unprofessional, the train was so rickety that bottles from the onboard shopping cart fell on a poor passengers head as it was passing through, and the air con was turned up to arctic levels! Not at all like what was advertised.

What can atomic businesses learn from this – simply back up what you say you do with just that. A good service can survive on word of mouth without advertising, whereas an advertising campaign is a waste of money in the long term if you can’t walk the walk – leaving unimpressed customers realising you are all talk.

ACTION: Look at your marketing messages you put out there. Can you honestly say 100% you stay true to all of them. If not, improve the standard of your service, or you risk leaving customers underwhelmed.


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