What Can We Learn From Hard Rock Cafe?

Have you ever been to Hard Rock Cafe? The food is probably on par with many other high street bar/grill type restaurants and doesn’t particularly blow you away, however one thing that really makes them stand out is the experience. As soon as you enter, they have created an unmistakable atmosphere, that is completely unique to them. The staff are well trained and super friendly, the decor is interesting and creates a good vibe, and the drinks are presented in a fun way (we went for the Red Berry Press – vodka and red berries in a coffee press – hand pressed at the table!) So even though the food is just as good as everywhere else, the experience puts them in another league.

What can atomic businesses learn from this – The internet has demolished the USP, and competition is at an all time high. If your product/service isn’t unique – focus on creating a unique experience instead.

ACTION: Think about the experience you have with your customer, rather than your product/service for a second. Is this unique? If not, is there any way you can make it 100% unique to your business?


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