What do you Stand for? An Example

What do you Stand for? An Example


In 2014 this video went viral online, which perfectly backs up our point, that marketing can be so much more powerful if instead of focussing on what you do, you focus on what you stand for. People can’t get behind a business that is simply out to make money, but they can get behind a business that has a purpose or a mission.

This is an example for the girls to be honest – but anybody can see the power Always has created, by focussing on not what they do (their product), but what they stand for (inspiring, and encouraging girls). This is a much stronger message that is much more likely be shared online than an advert about their product.

The ability to use what you stand for in marketing allows for more broader, creative, and emotive content to be produce for your content marketing strategy. It is this emotion that allows your brand to create a rapport with people, something very powerful in marketing. When people get behind what you stand for as a brand, then you can leverage this to increase sales… when a potential customer comes to decide on which product or service to go for, yours is the one that has the most chance of being picked!

ACTION: Think about how you can create an inspiring advert that plays on emotions, like this advert has done very well.