What does your Business Card say about you? #CaseStudy

We’ve always been a fan of creative business cards, but we hadn’t really seen the value of what a business card can do until we went to Social Media Marketing World 2015.

We knew we wanted to make an impact, we knew we wanted to be remembered but we had never experienced networking in America before, and didn’t really know what to expect. We liked our current business cards, they were nicely designed and our cartoon made them stand out, however we really wanted something that stood out! Literally! So we designed and got printed (by the nice guys at MarqetSpace) these bad boys:

Pop Out business cards! Literally STAND OUT Marketing. We loved them, and let us tell you, these went down a storm.

We were networking with other marketers remember, so we introduced ourselves as ‘Andrew and Pete’ and we said we did Stand Out Marketing. People did like that and respond to that, however when we got out our business card, their reaction, and openness to talk to us completely changed for the better. We even started working our business cards into our initial ‘elevator pitch’ after seeing how they went down on Day 1. Two people actually right there and then sad they wanted to sign up for our services after meeting us for just a few minutes – crazy!

Why were they so successful?
Because they spoke for us. When networking there is a lot of ‘talk’ and not a lot of ‘show’, but our business cards showed our creativity and what we could do. Walking the walk.

But did they lead to cold hard cash?
It is too early to say exactly how much ROI the business cards alone have brought, but we did pick up work over there which we are currently negotiating sales on, and we are 99% sure our business cards are at least hugely responsible for catching the attention of these potential customers. Not to mention countless other occasions ever since.

What can I do? 
Here’s the funny thing…the answer is literally anything. If your business card is even a little bit different it is going to get noticed. However for maximum effect it would be absolutely awesome if your business card can ‘show’ what you do, rather than ‘tell’. We get that it is A LOT harder for some businesses than others so you need to get creative!

ACTION: We get this is a hard one to action, but we want you to put some thought into your business cards, and think about how you can improve them for networking situations! Can you do something as inventive as these? Maybe get a friend to help you brainstorm or ask a printing company/graphic designer to help. We recently encouraged a web designer to wrap his cards in a bow tie with the catch phrase ‘Are you looking your best online?’ So get creative, be different and be remembered!


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