What you should and shouldn’t outsource

Outsourcing can either be the best thing you will ever do for your business OR a huge money drain.

So how do you decide what to outsource and what to keep hold of?

There’s some contradictory advice out there on this, so in this video we set the record straight and tell you exactly how to decide… it’s simpler than you might think!

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What to outsource can be a tough decision. Outsourcing can either be THE BEST THING you will ever do for your business OR a HUGE MONEY DRAIN which let’s be honest… is not fun!

This video was actually inspired from a conversation we were having with a friend a few weeks ago.

We were talking about how there’s so much to do as business owners, all this content we need to create, all our client work, our sales pipeline, etc. when she said… and we quote…

“I hate doing Twitter. I should outsource it really soon”

The conversation went like this:

US: “Hold up. Do you ever get any business from Twitter?”

FRIEND: “No, not really”

US: “And what does actually work for you?”

FRIEND: “Well Instagram is where my people hang out, and what gets me customers”

US: “Well if you outsource something that makes you zero money, you might as well just give your money to us and we’ll go have an amazing drunken night out!!!”


Here’s the thing… we’re told to outsource stuff that we don’t like doing, we’ve given that advice in the past too… and that’s why she thought outsourcing Twitter was a good idea.

Outsourcing isn’t an expense, it’s an investment

Here’s the caveat though… Outsourcing isn’t an expense, it’s an investment, and we should only invest in things that give us a return on that investment.

Our friend shouldn’t outsource Twitter, she should just stop doing Twitter. She could pin a Tweet that says, “I don’t do that much Tweeting, but come follow me on Instagram!”

She should use the 90:10 rule, to do more of what’s working – Instagram!

If she’s looking to outsource, Instagram is making her money. She should outsource all the stuff on Instagram that anyone could do, and use the extra time to focus on getting more customers from Instagram.

Make sense?

The outsourcing rule

So here’s the rule…

What we should outsource:

Stuff that makes us money, or frees up our time to make more money.

What we shouldn’t outsource

Stuff that we do for the sake of doing it, that we hate doing, and makes us no money anyway!

That stuff we should just stop doing!

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments what you think.