How to Write Better Looking Blog Posts

Blogging is a true pastime of Content Marketing, but writing plain text blogs is OUT. Instead you need to be able to write better looking blog posts.


Because the studies have shown that when faced with a wall of text… people are clicking away!

So, how do you write sexier, better looking blogs. Here’s 4 top tips for you.

Number 1. Formatting

OK, we’re going to start easy with you. Formatting is so important, and we aren’t just talking about putting in paragraphs. Especially if you are using WordPress – there are a ton of formatting options that you have no excuse not to use.

Just look at a range of our blogs for inspiration (including this one) – we always use a mixture of subtitles, bold text, italic text, text indents, quoted text, bullet points, images etc. to make it look more interesting.

If you are a WordPress user, sometimes you have to click this little ‘Toggle Toolbar’ option to show all the different options.

Toggle Toolbar

2. GIFs

OK, this is about better looking blogs, and nothing is as hot as GIFs on the internet right now.

FYI: That’s pronounced with a G not a J #justsaying

GIFs are those moving images you can embed in blogs and believe it or not, they are super easy to find and create.

Our favourite site for finding and creating GIFs is There’s a search bar for finding suitable ones, and you can even upload your own video content and create your own in less than a minute (boy, it’s quick).

Here’s one we knocked up from this vlog on content that sucks.

Andrew and Pete GIF

The great thing about GIFs is that you can download them and upload them just as you would images. Try using them to make a point in your blog to break up the text, like we did in this one.

3. Tone.

As long as you’re not a super scientist writing blogs to save the world, or something as serious – you can get away with experimenting with tone.

They’re called blogs not essays. Think about that. Blog – funny word – sounds like something with a bit of personality.

There’s nothing wrong with using short sentences and paragraphs and being a bit friendlier and informal with your writing. It’s going to make you sound like a real human being, which allows people to get to know you quicker through your writing.

For example you now know we are on team GIF not team JIF!

So screw all rules of grammar. You want to put something on one line to emphasise a point…




Use ellipse to you’re hearts…content.

Use CAPS LOCK if you feel you just want to SHOUT TO THE ROOFTOPS A POINT.

We’re not saying don’t care about spelling and grammar, but we are saying as long as you can easily read your blog, it flows well and are making points logically… you don’t always have to adhere to the Queen’s English if you want to experiment with tone.

queen gif

Sorry M’aam.

4. Use Multimedia.

If you really want people to consume your content, combining your blogs with some other form of media can be a great ideas. There’s load of example of this, but here’s 3 good ones:

  • You could record a video or Facebook Live on the blog’s subject, and embed that at the top of the page (a little bit like this one!
  • You could record an audio of you reading your blog, put it on Soundcloud, then embed the embed the Soundcloud on the blog.
  • Or you could even create a presentation of the main points, put it on Slideshare and embed that.

There’s loads of options to present the content in ways your readers may prefer, and if we’re looking at blogging from an SEO point too, these will keep people on your blogs longer which will help with that.

Build A Bloody Good Blog Blueprint

Build a Bloody Good Blog Blueprint by Andrew and Pete

Are you inspired to write better blogs? If so, check out this free activity booklet we have: Build Your Bloody Good Blog. It will help you plan your blog BEFORE you start writing it, with an emphasis on making your blogs more creative, so the next blog you create will be your best one yet!

Download it here.

See you next time.

Andrew and Pete



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