Your Content Marketing Toolkit

Your Content Marketing Toolkit

Here’s some useful website/tools to utilise in your content and social media marketing:

– – If you are looking for interesting blogs or articles on your indursty, to share with your followers, then this website is for you. We use it regularly in our marketing.

– Evernote/Notes – Being #TeamApple we use the ‘Notes’ app on our iPhones/iPads/iMacs all the time for capturing inspiration, writing blog articles on the go, and generally jotting down things that pop into our head. Another good app is Evernote which will do the same thing and much more. Failing that, buy an actual notepad that you keep on you all the time. Everytime you think of something for your content or social media marketing – write it down!

– Canva – As graphic designers we use the Adobe Suite to make any graphics. But that takes years to master and is expensive. The alternative is Canva, a free (except for premium graphics) way to create nice looking graphics for your social media and blogging. It’s extremely intuitive and helpful, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Remember pictures should be an important part of your strategy!

– TweetDeck / Hootsuite – Schedule your tweets with TweetDeck and your other social networks with Hootsuite, so you don’t have to worry throughout the week. This doesn’t replace the important part of social networking which is interaction, but it does save you time setting up your content posts. We personally prefer TweetDeck to Hootsuite, as we think the interface is nicer, and the free version posts images to your image stream rather than as a link, where you can only do that with the paid for version of Hootsuite. But check out both – some people swear by Hootsuite too. You can schedule to more than just Twitter on Hootesuite, for example LinkedIn and Facebook.

– – If you don’t have a blog on your website, the next best thing is setting up a free one on (notice not It is pretty easy to set-up, there are lots of free themes, and it will get you blogging in no time.

– A Smartphone – If you don’t have a smartphone that can download all the popular apps, then get yourself one. Social Networking, and Content Marketing are instant and fast paced. You’ll put yourself at a disadvantage if you have to logon to your computer each time you want to check your notifications. Instead take your marketing on the road with you!

– Manage Flitter – Manage Flitter is a great way to follow new people on twitter, and clear out people who don’t follow you back. There is a free version, but the paid for version isn’t overly expensive and has some cool features such as posting a tweet at a time where most people are online and the ability to follow new people on mass and set up ‘rules’.

– SlideShare – For presentations, SlideShare is a great place to host them online, and then link to your other social networks. They can also be found on the SlideShare website to multiply your reach, and you can add audio tracks to them too.

These are just some of our favourite tools, but there are literally hundreds if not thousands more out there, ready to be discovered, and ready to make your marketing much easier! Feel free to share any you think might be useful to others.

ACTION: Simple – have a look at this list, and any tools that aren’t in your tool kit, go and check them out. The majority are completely free, so there are no excuses.

ACTION: Think about your main gripes with social media marketing, or content marketing, then search on Google for a solution. Who knows – there may be a tool to help with your exact issue.